It came out months later! The world is shaken by this claim… This is how Ukraine dealt the ‘biggest blow’

Created Date: January 01, 2023 11:59

While the war in Ukraine continued at full speed, a news came from the USA that entered the world’s agenda in the first place. The US press carried the information that Ukraine kept as a secret to its page. Here are the details of the operation, which is described as ‘the biggest blow to Russia’…

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine since February 24.

The war, which started with the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, continues at full speed.

RussiaMonths after Moskva, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, was buried in the cold waters of the Black Sea, it was a very talked about thing from the USA. news came.

The book named ‘The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House’ fell like a bomb on the agenda of the USA.

Covering the book written by Chris Whipple, the New York Post presented its readers with the headline ‘USA helped Ukraine target Russian generals and sink Moskva’.

The following statements were included in the news;

‘The book reveals that American intelligence agencies gave the Ukrainian armed forces highly sensitive information that allowed them to track down and kill a dozen Russian generals and sink the Russian flagship Moskva.’

The 186-metre-long ship was launched in 1979. Originally named Slava, the ship was later renamed Moscow, becoming the heart of the Black Sea fleet in 2000… (Photo: AP)

Speaking to NBC News, on the condition of anonymity, US officials announced that intelligence shared by Washington helped Ukraine sink the Russian cruiser Moskva.

Officials said the attack took place after Ukrainian forces questioned the Americans about a ship sailing in the Black Sea, south of Odessa.

According to the same statement, the US did not identify the ship as Moskva, but provided support in the position to confirm its location.

Moskva, home to more than 500 crew, was the target of 2 Neptune anti-ship missiles fired by Ukraine on 14 April. Although Russia announced that the ship sank, it is still not clear how many soldiers lost their lives in the attack.

Officials stated that the US did not know in advance that Ukraine would target Moskva and did not interfere with the decision to attack.


The aid signals sent by the ship, which was the target of Ukraine’s Neptune missile, were revealed after it was hit.

Open source intelligence analysts had detected ‘SOS’ and ‘sinking’ signals in morse code from the warship.