Israel’s ‘love’ restriction for Palestinians

The Israeli government has announced 97 pages of new restrictions for foreigners visiting the West Bank. According to the restriction, foreigners who are in love with Palestinians will report this to the official authorities.

The Israeli government has announced new restrictions on foreigners wishing to visit the West Bank.

Restrictions on foreigners entering the area under Israeli occupation since 1967 range from declaring their love affair with Palestinians to official authorities.

Living in love will report in 30 days

Foreigners who start a romantic relationship with a person with a Palestinian identity will need to report this to Israeli authorities within 30 days.

In addition, foreigners who marry a Palestinian will leave the West Bank 27 months after marriage and stay outside the region for at least 6 months.

97 page restriction

The new restrictions, which will come into effect on Monday, have a total of 97 pages.

These restrictions are, according to the Israeli government, ‘security’ required for…

The restrictions, in which the violation of private life is prioritized, draws the reaction of many non-governmental organizations.

An application was made to the court for the annulment of the decision.

Stating that the new restrictions aim to isolate Palestinians from the world, non-governmental organizations want the decisions to be cancelled.

An application was also made to the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the request for annulment.

“Apartheid arrangements”

Palestine Liberation Organization for new restrictions “apartheid (African ‘separation’) arrangements that impose the reality of one state and two different systems” found the description.

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