Israeli President Herzog: We are in the grip of a deep conflict that is tearing our nation apart

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu government’s attempts to “weaken the judiciary” and far-right policies caused a crisis in the country. President of Israel, who made a statement on his social media account after the Netanyahu government’s moves to transfer some of the powers of the judiciary to the parliament Isaac HerzogStating that he met with “related parties” in order to “prevent a historical constitutional crisis,” he said, “We are in the grip of a deep conflict that is tearing our nation apart. This conflict worries me deeply, as do many people in Israel and the diaspora.”


Noting that he focused on two critical points, Herzog said they were “preventing a historical constitutional crisis” and “Israel Emphasizing that the Presidency is perhaps the only place that all parties trust to address issues, Herzog stated that he is aware of the failure of the talks and said, “I humbly admit that I am not sure of the success of this effort. “There is goodwill, but there is still a long way to go and important gaps,” he said. Expressing that he also respects the protesters while focusing on mediation efforts, Herzog said, “I respect the criticisms directed at me.”

The judicial reform planned by the Netanyahu-led coalition government, which sparked protests, envisions limiting the powers of the Supreme Court, overriding court decisions by parliament, and reducing the judiciary’s influence over the selection of judges.