Israeli PM Lapid: I support two-state solution

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid He said he supported the two-state solution.

Israeli Prime Minister Lapid addressed the participants at the UN 77th General Assembly meetings, the largest diplomacy forum that brings world leaders together in New York.

“Israel’s economic and military strength allows us to protect ourselves, but it also gives us something else: to strive for peace with the entire Arab world and with our closest neighbors, the Palestinians,” the Israeli Prime Minister said.

Lapid stated that he supports a two-state solution with Palestine, but it has “one condition” and continued as follows:

  • A two-state-for-two-people agreement with the Palestinians is right for Israel’s security, Israel’s economy, and the future of our children. Despite all the obstacles, the vast majority of Israelis still support this vision of a two-state solution. I am one of them. We have only one condition: that a future Palestinian state must be a peaceful one. Not to become another terrorist base that will threaten Israel’s prosperity and existence. We must have the ability to protect the safety of all Israeli citizens at all times.”


Desiring the Palestinians to “put down their arms”, Lapid argued that then there would be peace.Together we can build your future in Gaza and the West Bank. Drop your weapons and prove that Hamas and Islamic Jihad will not take over the Palestinian state you want to establish. Drop your weapons, then there will be peace‘ he evaluated.

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