Israel carried out drone attack in Iran

The Wall Street Journal newspaper wrote that Israel carried out the attack on Iran’s defense facility with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

According to the newspaper’s report, which is based on US officials, Israel targeted an ammunition factory next to a facility belonging to the Iranian Space Research Center with UAVs in Isfahan, Iran.

Iranian officials, on the other hand, announced that their air defense systems repulsed the “attempt of attack” targeting the ammunition factory, and that 2 UAVs were destroyed and one was shot down.

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The Iranian side noted that as a result of the explosion of the UAVs, minor damage occurred on the roof of the factory.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahiyan described the attack as “cowardly” and said, “Such actions cannot affect the determination and intention of our experts for peaceful nuclear progress.” made the statement.

On the other hand, it is recorded that the attack in question is the first attack carried out under the new far-right coalition government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which allowed a series of operations against Iran from 2009 to 2021.

While the Isfahan Governorate confirmed the explosion, it declared that there were no casualties.

Also, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is scheduled to travel to Israel today to continue US-Israeli talks on Iran and other regional issues.


Photo: AA

Photo: AA

It was reported that a US official announced that the Washington administration had no interest in targeting an ammunition factory next to a facility belonging to the Iranian Space Research Center with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in Isfahan, Iran.

An unnamed American official’s statement was included in the news of the Israel Public Broadcasting Organization (KAN).

“Washington has no hand in the Isfahan attack,” the US official said. spoken was recorded.

The Israeli authorities have not yet commented on the matter.

The Tel Aviv administration has previously been accused of carrying out similar operations inside Iran.


Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Iranian Assembly Isfahan Deputy Hussein Mirzai claimed that the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) seen in the skies of Isfahan city yesterday evening belonged to Israel.

Mirzai said, “The attack in Isfahan was most likely the work of the spy services of the Zionist regime (Israel). Let’s see if they will undertake this or not.” said.

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