Israel and Germany reach compensation agreement for families of Munich Olympics victims

Reparation agreement after 50 years from Israel and Germany

Israel and Germany announced that they had reached a compensation agreement for the families of the victims of the Munich Olympics for the murder of 11 Israeli athletes on September 5, 1972.

The Israeli Presidency published a joint written statement by the Presidents of Israel and Germany, Isaac Herzog and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, regarding the agreement, days before the 50th anniversary of the Munich Olympics massacre.

“We welcome a historic investigation, taking responsibility and reaching an agreement for appropriate compensation to the victims’ families,” the statement said. statements were included.

The statement noted that the agreement “could not heal wounds” but “contains Germany’s acceptance of responsibility and recognition of the terrible suffering of the victims and their loved ones that will be commemorated next week”.

Pointing out that Israeli President Herzog and his German counterpart Steinmeier were in regular contact during the agreement process, it was noted that Herzog and Steinmeier “discussed the importance of Germany offering compensation and taking responsibility”.


In the statement, which also included the statements of the presidents of the two countries, Herzog thanked his German counterpart Steinmeier and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for their “leadership and their uncompromising determination on the path of justice, humanity and responsibility”.

Herzog said:

“This is not the first time President Steinmeier has proven that he is a close friend of Israel and that his work has made a strong contribution to the warm relationship between Israel and Germany.

I believe it is time, 50 years after this disaster, to offer solace to bereaved families and to re-emphasize the lessons learned from this tragedy, including the importance of fighting terrorism for future generations.”

On the other hand, the following statements of German President Steinmeier were included in the statement:

“I share the grief of grieving families. I am grateful and relieved that a solution has been found that opens the door to a shared remembrance. I would also like to thank my friend and colleague Isaac Herzog for keeping trust, cooperation and communication open.”


During the 1972 Munich Olympics, the Palestinian “Black September” organization raided the Olympic village on September 5 and took Israeli athletes and trainers hostage.

The members of the organization, who held the Israelis hostage for 16 hours, killed 11 people from the Israeli team and a German policeman.

* The image of the news was served from the AP.

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