Is there anyone from security among you?

WALL – Singer Gülşen, who was on trial for “inciting the public to hatred and enmity” on the grounds of his remarks directed at the imam-hatip high school students, took the stage one after the other at the New Year’s Eve celebrations of a private company.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş’s newsaccording to what It was learned that Gülşen said to the audience during the concert, “Is there anyone from the police among you? Let me speak carefully accordingly.” It was also on the agenda that Gülşen received a concert offer from Egypt for the New Year’s Eve.

What happened?

Singer Gülşen was targeted on social media by names close to the government after her words about imam hatip high school students were published in the concert she gave in Ataşehir on April 30, 2022. The singer was arrested on 25 August on charges of inciting the public to hatred and hostility or humiliating her and was sent to Bakırköy Women’s Closed Prison.

Gülşen denied the accusation and apologized for her words. Gülşen was released on the condition of not leaving the residence on 29 August after the objection to her detention was accepted and the condition of not leaving the residence was lifted on 12 September.

The condition for Gülşen, who appeared before the judge on Friday, October 21, to sign at the police station was also abolished. Finally, the singer’s ‘prohibition to go abroad’ was lifted by the court in return for depositing a security amount of 250 thousand TL.

The second hearing of the case was held yesterday at the Istanbul 11th Criminal Court of First Instance. Gülşen’s lawyer, Emek Emre, said, “The ban on going abroad has been lifted in the heavy penal court. We demand the return of the money given as security deposit from the court.” The court sent the file to the prosecutor to prepare its opinion. The court rejected the request for the return of the security deposit and postponed the hearing to 1 March 2023 in order to eliminate the deficiencies.