Is the chip crisis over? Deliveries are fast


The chip problem caused major disruptions around the world. coronavirus The chip problem that started with the pandemic caused great losses in the global economy, and many companies temporarily closed their factories due to the chip problem.

Due to curfews and quarantines with the coronavirus pandemic production While there was a slowdown on the consumer side, there was an acceleration on the consumption side. With the increasing trend towards home technologies, access to raw materials became difficult due to the low production of chips. Hence also chip crisis had appeared.


While automobile factories temporarily closed their factories due to the lack of chips, many technology companies had a hard time. The chip crisis, which adversely affected the profitability of companies, has recently begun to be overcome.



The inadequacy in global chip production has begun to be prevented. While production increased, chip delivery times also decreased in August. Access to some chip types continues.

Chip delivery times fell to 26.8 weeks in August, according to data compiled by a research company.

Analyst Chris Rolland stated that the slowdown in demand for smartphones and personal computers was supportive in the reduction of chip waiting times, and that waiting times should be reduced to 10-14 weeks for the chip market to function properly.


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