Is it a sin or haram to celebrate New Year’s Eve, can Muslims celebrate New Year’s? Is it permissible or a sin to decorate a pine tree? A statement came from the Diyanet for the ‘New Year’s Celebration’! – Gallery

On the other hand, “Date of 23 December 2022” published by DiyanetLet’s Protect the Values ​​That Make Us Who We Are” The Friday Sermon on the theme included important statements about New Year’s Eve celebrations. Here is the full text of that sermon.

Dear Muslims!

The goal of our supreme religion, Islam, is to build a Muslim identity within the framework of the Qur’an and Sunnah. While building this identity, the basic criterion of Islam is the moral principles that came to life with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). It is the Islamic culture and civilization embodied by these principles. It is the rules of etiquette that make our existence meaningful. Our religion orders us to protect these universal values ​​that make us who we are, and to avoid all kinds of words and behaviors that will distract us from our own selves.

Dear Believers!

The highest value that constitutes the Muslim identity is faith, which reminds us of our purpose of creation, teaches our responsibilities and gives us personality. Worship that wins the approval of our Lord is the source of peace and happiness and good morals. Muslims have preserved their beliefs and cultures when they embraced these values ​​in every field, from servitude to social life, from clothing to eating and drinking. They established civilizations that closed the age and opened the age, and became a leader and an example to all people in science and science, culture, art and literature. However, when Muslims moved away from their own beliefs and values ​​and came under the influence of foreign cultures, that’s when they lost their identity and belonging.

Dear Muslims! What is expected from a Muslim who preserves his identity is to respect and protect the slogan of Islam, that is, the symbols and insignia of Islam. The symbol of tawhid, the Kaaba, the pilgrimage in which the awareness of being a ummah is renewed, the symbol of sacrifice, the symbol of our unity and solidarity, the mosques, the martyrdom of the religion, the foundation of the religion, the prayer, the pinnacle of servitude, are among the mottos of Islam that make us who we are. Allah Almighty treats the hearts with respect to those who are devoted to ْ ْ ُ قل ِ ِب ِ َِّ ى ِ ِم ْن تَّقْ ِ فِاٰنّ .” He said that it is a necessity of our piety to preserve these symbols and insignia.