Iraq, Syria and Libya… ”Turkey is strong both on the field and at the table”

The conference titled Central Country Turkey, organized by Balıkesir City Council Youth Center, was held with the subheadings “Public Diplomacy and Turkish Foreign Policy”. As a speaker at the conference held at the Courtyard Congress Center, AK Party Balikesir Deputy Dr. Mustafa Canbey and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Yavuz Selim Kıran.

In the conference where Public Diplomacy and Turkish Foreign Policy were discussed, the young people could not find a seat in the hall and sat next to the speakers on the stage. At the conference, AK Party Balikesir Deputy Mustafa Canbey made statements on Public Diplomacy, while Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran made an assessment on Turkish Foreign Policy. “The most important reason why Turkey is characterized as a global power is its strong presence on the field and at the table,” Kıran said.


Noting that Turkey’s presence in the field and at the table is described as a global power, Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran said, “If we had not fixed one end of the veil on our own values, history and possibilities, look at the developments right next to us, look at the instability. Look at its effects. But it has much bigger consequences and effects in terms of immigration. What is it? The security threat. The terrorist threat to our country from the north of Syria has become much less talked about today. It still continues, we still take our measures beyond our borders and we continue to do so. But if we didn’t show our power to eliminate this threat with our own will? We have always done this despite something. We have done it despite the events that took place both inside and outside and have the potential to directly affect Turkey. The date of the first cross-border operation we carried out in Syria was August 2016. the 15th of July One month after the coup attempt, we carried out one of the largest cross-border operations in history. We have survived such great trauma and misfortune, and the fight against FETO still continues, and we are a country that has demonstrated the power to carry out the largest cross-border operation in history at such a critical time. We performed a much larger version with Olive Branch, Peace Spring and Spring Shield. We have demonstrated our will to clear terrorist organizations from 30 kilometers deep of our border. Therefore, we have carried the threats that may arise from a country with which we share a border of more than 900 kilometers from Syria, beyond our border. Has Syria changed? Look at Iraq; Instability in Iraq, potential reflections of developments in Libya on our country, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. All of them had the potential to directly affect Turkey,” he said.


Touching on the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Deputy Minister Kıran continued his words as follows:

“Remember when we were in Libya, there was the palace administration at that time, that administration made official invitations to five countries in the world. What was this invitation? It called these five countries to duty against the attempt to overthrow the government officially recognized by the UN. Actually, this call was an official invitation to this invitation. The only country that showed sensitivity was the Republic of Turkey and by accepting this invitation, it started to provide security consultancy support to the Libyan administration. But then we signed the agreement with Libya on the delimitation of new jurisdictions. Then we signed the military security and cooperation agreement memorandum of understanding. All of these were approved in our parliaments and put into operation. But over time, we began to see better how much that step we took in Libya had an impact not only on the stability and security of that country, but also on the interests of the Species in the Eastern Mediterranean. What would have happened if we hadn’t taken that step at the time? with international theorists We are in a place that people call the heart of the world.


Yesterday was the anniversary of the Preveza Naval Victory. Our Commander Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, who was instrumental in this victory, has a lot to say, “He who rules the seas rules the world”. In fact, when you look at it in the colors of the Eastern Mediterranean, it would not be wrong to say that the one who dominates the Eastern Mediterranean will dominate the world. That’s why Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration have caused problems both from EU membership and in the western alliance, and especially by getting the support of countries with which our relations with the gulf region are not normal. Look at where we are today; Yesterday, Turkey and the TRNC, Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, the USA and almost the whole world came together and formed an alliance against Turkey. So what happened in the intervening time? There have been many efforts throughout history to develop geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean. It continues today, and what happened is actually an extension of that period.


But today, there is a Republic of Turkey that repels those efforts on the field and at the table much more strongly. The way to be strong is not enough just to have a presence on the field. You will be present both on the field and at the table. The most important reason for Turkey’s rise to the position of the central country is its strong presence on the field and at the table. How do we show up on the field? With our hard power, that is, with our military presence. We talked about border operations against Syria. An example of cross-border operations to eliminate the terrorist threat from Iraq to our country. “The strong continuation of our military presence in Libya, based on international legitimacy, based on a military and cooperation agreement, is an example of this,” he said.

Balıkesir Governor Hasan Şıldak attended the conference. AK Party Deputies Belgin Uygur and Pakize Mutlu Aydemir, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ekrem Başaran, Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, as well as high school and university students and citizens attended.