Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei: The US and Israel are guilty of the protests


Ali Khameneispoke for the first time about the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died on 16 September after being detained by the morality police for ‘not wearing the hijab properly’.

Khamenei said he was very sorry for Amini’s death and described it as “a very sad event”.


In the wave of protests that spread to many cities of the country and killed more than 100 people Iranian Expressing his support for the security forces, Khamenei argued that the protests were “planned in advance” and that the demonstrators were “not ordinary Iranians”.

Khamenei said:

“The task of our security forces is to ensure the security of the Iranian people. Those who attack the police leave Iranian citizens unprotected from gangs, robbers and bullies. I’m speaking frankly. This environment of rebellion and insecurity was planned by America, the occupying pseudo-Zionist regime and their paid agents with the help of some Iranian traitors abroad.”


22 year old Mahsa Amini She came to the capital Tehran from Chios city of Kurdistan province in the northwest of Iran on 13 September and was detained by the morality police on the grounds that she did not wear the headscarf in accordance with the rules.

It is alleged that Amini was severely battered by the police and died as a result of her injuries. Police say Amini died of a heart attack.

Contrary to what happened in the past years, the protests spread to all cities of the country.

There are demonstrations of support for Iranian women in many places abroad.


At Sharif University of Technology, one of the most prestigious schools in Tehran, the police intervened in the students last night.

According to reports in the state media and social media, students at the school under police siege were stuck in the parking lot of the campus.

In the videos shared on social media, students are seen running away from the police and gunshots are heard.

Other videos show traffic jams due to vehicles trying to get to the university to support students.


London-based Iran International news channel reported that the police raided the student dormitories and opened fire there.

Sharif University of Technology is Iran’s highest rated science and engineering university. Sunday was the first day of the new academic year at the university.


The German magazine Der Spiegel announced that it is working on new sanctions against Iran as six European countries violently suppressed the protests that started after Mahsa Amini’s death.

According to the news of the magazine, the proposal of Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic targets 16 individuals and institutions in Iran.


Stating that the proposal will be discussed at the EU Foreign Ministers meeting to be held on October 17, the magazine noted that member states are not expected to object to the sanctions.