Iran got involved when the girl named Mahsa Amini died right after she was detained by the Irshad Police.

First, let me start with the name of the girl whose death caused the events:

The foreign news services of our press are very eager to take and write the names, which are originally Arabic and Persian but are also used in Turkish, as written by Western agencies, that is, with their spellings. Since they do this job without thinking about whether the name is available to us or not, “Han” is given to “Khan”, “Emine” to “Amina”, “Ebubekir” to “Abubakr”, “Reis” to “Rais”, “Ayşe”. ” to “Aisha”, “Leyla” to “Laila”, “Mustafa” to “Moustapha”, “Dervish” to “Darweesh” and the list goes on.

This is what happened in the case of “Mahsa Amini”!

The girl’s name, “Mahsa”, is a female name that is rarely used in us; It is formed by combining “mah”, which means “month”, and “sa”, the abbreviation of the preposition “sa” meaning “like”, and it is pronounced as “Mehsa”, not “Mahsa”.

We know how his surname, which is written as “Amini”, is pronounced in our country: “Emini”!


Since the demonstrations in Iran started, our press, TVs and social media have been cut off by the American media; He shared the same wishes with Washington about the administration in Tehran and said, “He’s gone, he will be overthrown this time, here it is!” they keep saying. Some political scientists, strategists and conspiracy theorists are also busy looking for calves under the ox, looking for big games behind the events in Iran!

As a young reporter who was in Iran in the early days of the Islamic Republic and lived in that period, let me tell you briefly: The demonstrations in Iran do not affect the regime! In the past years, these demonstrations were much more violent and many more people lost their lives, but the protests decreased over time and the regime continued its dominance.

Iran has been the scene of great popular movements since the 1950s. Massive demonstrations broke out in 1953, which resulted in the Mohammad Mossadeq incident, that is, the overthrow of Prime Minister Mossadeq, who forced the Shah to leave Iran, with an American-backed popular movement. Then, the events of June 5, 1963, which went down in history as the “15 Hordad Uprising”, took place, thousands of people lost their lives, and finally came the rebellion that resulted in the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

The recent events in Iran cannot be counted as a large-scale protest in addition to these events. Because the regime that has dominated Iran for 43 years is settled beyond what is thought, it is still strong despite a large dissatisfied mass and is not so affected by street protests.

You know, during the Gezi Events, there was an expectation that “the power in Turkey is gone” but ended in disappointment, just like that…

The unrest in Iran actually reveals a characteristic of the Turkish press: Our newspapers and TV channels do not know about Iran next to us, they have not even moved a hair to find out, let alone not know, for more than forty years, they have followed the Western and especially the American press, they have never seen their dreams and reality. that they are constantly confusing each other, that they cannot give up on taking the easy way out, that is, evaluating our neighbor within the framework of the triangle of “mullah”, “sheet” and “headscarf”, and that they are still unaware of the great influence of the Shiite doctrine, which should be the first thing that comes to mind when “Iran” is mentioned!

While ignorance continues with all its violence, conspiracy traders who are looking for calves under ox have emerged in recent years about Iran. Supposedly, they are talking about Iran, but in order to say something different, they say that there are other forces behind the events and that everything is planned by the imperialists and foreign powers; they even claim that their main aim is Turkey.

Every regime will come to an end one day, but this end is still far from the Iranian regime.

Whether you love or hate the Tehran regime is up to you; So it’s something you know. Therefore, remember that what’s going on in Iran is theirs, not yours or ours, and don’t listen to those who ignore the slowing down of events, continue their cheap repetitions by talking about an imaginary Iran, and persistently rant about what they don’t know!


A man has opened an account on Twitter in my name, he is arguing with my name on everything from the personal rights of the police to football, environmental issues and who should be President, and he even organizes a poll. Although the fraudster who made these has attached the phrase “it’s a fan page” to one side, but he uses it to write his own opinions as if they belong to me, and thousands of naive people thought these tweets belonged to me and said to the guy, “Well, my teacher is like this, my teacher is like that, there is another side to the issue…” They post comments like

I have written and said many times before: I do not use social media! The accounts opened in my name are fake, it is the work of those who do not have the courage to write their words with their own names, that is, fraudsters!

But because “Twitter” is a scumbag and the laws are incapable of preventing this scumbag, the day is dawning for such poor people who hide behind other people’s names!

Let me say it again: I don’t have an account on Twitter, none of the tweets posted under my name belong to me! Don’t be tricked by the impostor!