Iran reacts to European countries’ attitudes in nuclear negotiations


Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kenani, UK, Germany and France’s nuclear He made a written statement by reacting to the joint statement criticizing his stance in the negotiations. three Europe Reacting to his country’s joint statement targeting Iran, Kenani evaluated the statement as “irrational and not in good faith”. Kenani said, “In a process where diplomatic negotiations continue for the nuclear negotiations to reach a final conclusion, three Europe It is sad and surprising that his country has published such a statement with this approach that will prevent the negotiations by taking a misleading action,” he said.

Stating that Iran has shown its true will for the conclusion of the nuclear negotiations, Kenani said, “This declaration of the three European countries, which is incompatible with logic and goodwill, is the result of the Zionist Israeli regime’s efforts to defeat the negotiations, and this is a regrettable situation. If such an approach continues, the other side It will also accept responsibility for the consequences that may arise,” he said.



Germany, France and Britain criticized Iran’s stance on the International Atomic Energy Agency in a joint statement, stating that the said stance jeopardized the negotiations. In the joint statement, it was criticized that Iran’s increasing nuclear activities were concerned and that the Tehran administration did not cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency on the inspection of nuclear facilities. The statement asked Iran to provide illuminating answers regarding nuclear facilities where the agency has detected suspected uranium particles.


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