Iran landed a plane to prevent the wife and daughter of the famous football player who supported the protests from leaving the country.

It was stated that the plane, on which the wife and daughter of the legendary Iranian football player Ali Dayi, who supported the Mehsa Emini protests, boarded to go to Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was diverted to Kish Island, one hour after taking off from Tehran, and the said people were landed.

Ali Dayi. Photo: Reuters

in the capital Tehran ‘headscarf rules’ on September 13 for non-compliance. ‘morality police’ After the death of 22-year-old Mehsa Emini, who was taken to the hospital in a coma after being detained by the police, on September 16, the outbreak began across the country. ‘freedom’ protests continue. According to the Norwegian-based Iranian Human Rights Organization, at least 496 people were killed, including 63 children, and 39 people were sentenced to death or facing charges. Two people were executed.

According to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the famous football player reacted to the removal of his family from the plane.

Stating that his wife and daughter got on a plane from Tehran legally to go to Dubai, but the plane turned from Dubai and landed on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, Dayi said that they took the necessary initiatives for his wife and daughter to return from Kish to Tehran.

Dayi, who denied the news of the arrest in the local press, said: “One hour after my daughter and my wife got off the plane, they said your daughter could go. When my daughter wanted to go, they said that the doors of the plane were closed and that she could not go either.”

Noting that his family plans to go to Dubai for a few days and return on Monday, Dayi said that if there is a ban on leaving the country, the police should show it through the system beforehand.

Saying that he was surprised by such a situation, Dayi said: “They passed the passport control quite legally and got on the plane. They brought back so many passengers from Dubai to drop off my wife and daughter. If there was a problem, why didn’t they arrest him? If there is no problem why did they return it? You should ask these questions. We are not getting an answer.”

ISNA, based on an unnamed security official, in another news report, said to the footballer’s wife, ‘for calling for a strike’ He stated that an international travel ban has been implemented.

In the news, Dayi’s wife ‘bypassing the exit ban illegally’ he boarded the plane, after the security units became aware of the situation. ‘by obtaining the necessary permission from the judicial authorities’ He was allegedly prevented from leaving the country.

supported the actions

Restaurant and jewelery shop of Ali Dayi, one of Iran’s former legendary football players, ‘supporting boycott calls’ It was sealed on 5 December.

Dayi said in a post on his Instagram account that he refused the invitation from FIFA at the World Cup due to protests: “I answered no to the official invitation of FIFA and Qatar Football Federation to attend the World Cup with my wife and daughters, to be with you in my country these days when most of us are not feeling well.”

Former Iranian football player, also during the demonstrations ‘to all families who have lost loved ones’ message of condolences, “I wish bright days for Iran and Iranians” he had hoped.

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