Iran calls for “dialogue and interaction” to get out of political crisis in Iraq

Iran calls for dialogue with Iraq

Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi called for dialogue and interaction among all the main political elements in the country in order to get out of the current political crisis in Iraq.

According to the written statement made by the Presidency of Iran, the Chief had a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi.

During the meeting, the political crisis in Iraq, the Iran-Saudi Arabia talks mediated by Baghdad and the relations between the two countries were discussed.

Stating that a way out of the political crisis in Iraq should be sought, Reisi said, “All the main political currents of Iraq should agree on a way out of the current political problems through dialogue and interaction.” used the phrases.

Pointing to the Baghdad-mediated negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the chief said the Iraqi government’s efforts are “moves to improve the political climate in the region”.

Iraqi Prime Minister Kazimi stated that he will continue his efforts to develop and raise the level of regional relations and cooperation with Iran.

On the other hand, Massoud Jamshidi, Vice President of the Iranian Presidential Office, made the following comments on the meeting on his Twitter account:

“The Iraqi Prime Minister, who has been playing a role in resolving the disagreements between Iran and Saudi Arabia for a while, has been informed that with the implementation of the agreements, the road to be overcome will be shortened and will be covered quickly.”

* The image of the news was served from AA.