iPhone: Widget suggestions for the iOS 16 lock screen!

apple, iOS With version 14, iPhone brought the feature of adding widgets to the lock screen of your phone. The same feature is also available in iOS 16 version. In addition, with iOS 16, it became possible to create multiple lock screens. With Apps, you can access many new widgets besides the default ones. Here are the best iOS 16 widget apps!

The best widgets for lock screen in iOS 16!

You can place up to 5 widgets on each lock screen. To control the widgets, press and hold the lock screen and press “CustomizeYou can click the ” button. You must also click on any widget area to see all available widgets.

Spice up your lock screen with iOS 16 widgets!

With the applications we recommend, you can increase the variety of widgets and color your lock screens even more. So let’s move on to app recommendations to expand your iOS 16 widget library.

The phone we installed iOS 16 crashed!  600GB of data wasted?

The phone we installed iOS 16 crashed! 600GB of data wasted?

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  • ScreenKit: It contains more than 100 widgets specially designed for the lock screen, compatible with iOS 16. You can add date, pedometer, weather and reminders to your lock screen.
  • Widgetsmith: Widgetsmith, one of the first applications released with the new widget update in iOS 14, offers the possibility to add widgets for calendar, text and photos.
  • LookUp: You can view the English word of the day selected from the popular dictionary app on your lock screen.
  • WaterMinder: If you are someone who needs water, this iOS 16 widget can remind yourself to drink water!
  • motivation: If you need daily motivation, you can read daily motivational quotes on your lock screen with Motivation app!
  • Pretty Progress: Pretty Progress, which allows you to quickly start a countdown from your lock screen, has a light and beautiful design.
  • todoist: You can use Todoist for your task list and also do in-app action from your lock screen.
  • speedy: Making a quick call with a widget on your lock screen becomes possible with the Speedy app. Just add the contact to your lock screen and click it.
  • SmartGym: If you are a sports person, you can see your weekly sports activity on your lock screen with SmartGym widgets.

It is quite possible to beautify the lock screen of our iPhone with iOS 16 widgets. While some use widgets for beautification and some for practicality, you can add many more widgets to your lock screen with the applications we recommend.

Widgets for iPhone lock screen!

So, which of the widget applications we recommend do you use? What is your favorite widget? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!