Iphone users will use the destructive development! Apple expert made the final point; Those devices will no longer be removed!

While the increase in phone prices decreased the purchasing power, thousands of people began to wait for the cheap iPhone device announced by Apple. However, the statement that broke those expectations came from the Apple analyst. Here is the development that surprised everyone…

Apple has been criticized for a long time because of the hikes in iPhone prices. Although Apple continues to produce high-end phones, the high prices on the labels are a big obstacle for the citizen.

A few years ago, Apple announced that it was selling the “SE3” model for those looking for affordable phones. Now, while thousands of people are waiting for the SE4 model, bad news came from that expert.


Explaining the latest developments in Apple, analyst Ming-Chi Kou announced the latest status of the iPhone SE4, which is expected to be released in 2024 in social media sharing.

Kuo thinks that the mass production of the iPhone SE will be canceled or delayed by Apple. He cited the low shipment of iPhone SE3, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 14 Plus as the reason for his thinking.

The models released by the company recently could not reach the desired level in terms of shipment compared to other models. For this reason, Apple, which has no hope for the iPhone SE 4 model, will want to postpone the launch or mass production process of the model, which it will launch at an affordable price, to a later period.