iPhone models that will end WhatsApp support have been announced

WhatsApp, which is seen as the most important communication source by smartphone users, is available on almost everyone’s phones. However, with the updates made, it is no longer possible to use WhatsApp on some phones. This also applies to older generation iPhone models.


According to the news of ShiftDelete; These days when iOS 16 is in beta testing; iPhone models running on iOS 10 or iOS 11 will soon stop supporting WhatsApp. It is stated that users will not be able to access WhatsApp on these phones as of October 24.

Older generation iPhone users will need to upgrade their phones to iOS 12 or newer to continue using WhatsApp. However, this does not seem possible for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c users. Because it is stated that newer operating systems do not work efficiently on these phones.

It seems that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c users will have to buy a new phone, as an iOS update to support WhatsApp is practically not possible. On the other hand, users with iPhone 5s and above models will be able to continue to receive WhatsApp support by updating to iOS 12.


WhatsApp has updated the system requirements on its FAQ page to reflect these changes.

To keep the messaging platform up and running on their phones, iPhone users will need to get an update to iOS 12 or later. In contrast, WhatsApp support still remains for devices running on Android 4.1.

Statistically, it seems that this situation concerns only a small part of the population. According to published reports, 89 percent of iPhone users are using iOS 15. It is stated that only 4 percent of users use iOS 13 or older generations.

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