iPhone 14 series is on pre-sale! Here is the price

eagerly awaited Apple event for now Countdown started. for a long time on the agenda with leaks The iPhone 14 series will officially debut on September 7. With the approach of the event, there is a significant increase in the number of leaks about models. In fact, according to the latest shared images, the iPhone 14 series was even opened for pre-sale in some technology stores in China before it was introduced. Here are the details!

iPhone 14 series is on pre-sale! So how much is the price?

China is an important source of information in all industries, not just smartphones. Because we have witnessed together that important leaks came from this country until today. Finally a tech writer Angangah, iPhone 14 in some stores before the series is introduced is on pre-sale He announced it with an image he shared.

iPhone 14 price

When we look at the image, we see that the names of the models in the series are iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max in direct proportion to a report that appeared the other day. As you know, not long ago Apple’s introduction of 14 Max instead of 14 Plus We’ve been waiting, but that has changed with the latest reports, as we mentioned above.

iPhone 14 Pro case spotted in blood

iPhone 14 Pro case spotted in blood

Before Apple’s promotional event to be held on Wednesday, the iPhone 14 Pro case was displayed in blood.

Of course however for two years appearing mini model inside end of the road seen. For appleAs the sales figures of the smartphone did not satisfy him, he decided to change the strategy and make a player change in the series.

The most striking detail in the image was naturally the price tags. Because iPhone 14 971, 14 Plus 1072, 14 Pro 1435 and 14 Pro Max prices start from $ 1580 pre-sale opened. When we compare the prices leaked last week, it is possible to say that there is a significant difference.

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