iPhone 14 Pro models are in trouble with iOS 16!

As an Apple classic, this September has passed with the features and problems of the new iPhone models, as in previous years. Especially iOS Some annoying problems brought by 16 operating systems were frequently on the agenda. Now, we are faced with the restarting situation during charging seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.

iPhone 14 Pro owners beware! Do not use while charging

We know that every update can bring problems as well as new features. However, in case of possible problems, smartphone manufacturers solve the problems by holding their hands as fast as possible. Of course, it can be annoying as some take longer than expected.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 After the launch of the series, some users encountered a problem that was encountered for the first time, such as camera shake on the new Pro models. Of course, Apple realized this situation in a very short time and released the iOS 16.2 update, which fixed the problem.

iOS 16's battery problem continues!  Is there a solution?

iOS 16’s battery problem continues! Is there a solution?

The battery consumption problem with iOS 16 continues. So what are the precautions that iPhone users can take until the problem is resolved?

But not all problems are solved. for example iPhone 8 Many people who have iOS 16 support and installed this version on their device because they are using models of and above stated that their batteries are depleted much faster than before. In the news we shared for you above, we talked about what measures you can take until the problem is resolved.

Of course, the problems that come with iOS 16 are not that much. According to a new report, many Pro and Pro Max owners are facing rebooting issue if their device is used while charging. Therefore, if your device is charging, it is recommended not to use it until you unplug it or charge it. Because you are likely to experience data loss in possible sudden crashes.

Although this situation was thought to be a battery or current problem at first, similar problems were observed on some other devices with iOS 16 installed. Therefore, it is expected to be resolved when the new iOS version is released.

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