‘Internet’ move from the USA to Iran

US administration, IranianIt has issued a general license that allows to expand the scope of internet services offered to Iranians despite sanctions against Iran.

In a statement made by the Ministry of the Treasury, it was reported that the general license in question was issued in order to increase support for internet freedom in Iran.

Pointing out that the government restricted internet access after the demonstrations that started in Iran after Mahsa Emini died after he was detained on the grounds that he was detained on the grounds of “not complying with the headscarf rules”, the statement noted that the United States took action to “support the free flow of information and access to fact-based information” for the Iranian people.

The general license will allow tech companies to offer more digital services to people in Iran, from accessing cloud computing services to better tools for improving online security and privacy, the statement said.

“As brave Iranians take to the streets to protest Mahsa Emini’s death, the United States is doubling down on its support for the free flow of information to the Iranian people,” said Wally Adeyemo, US Deputy Treasury Secretary. made its assessment.

Stating that the general license released will expand the range of internet services offered to Iranians, Adeyemo said they are helping the Iranian people better equipped to counter the government’s efforts to monitor and censor them.


The death of Emini on September 16, who was taken to the hospital in a coma after being detained by the Irshad patrols known as the “morality police” in Tehran on September 13, caused outrage in the country.

In the statement made by the Tehran police, it was claimed that the Irshad patrol took Emini to the police station for a one-hour “briefing”, and the young woman was transferred to the hospital after she suddenly lost consciousness and suffered from a heart disease.

Iranians, on the other hand, reject the police statement that the young woman lost consciousness “suddenly”, stating that Emini was beaten before she was brought to the police station.

After Emini’s funeral, held in her hometown of Sakkız on September 17, protests broke out in Tehran and cities in the west of the country.