Interesting results for Turkish productions in Netflix’s research in 7 countries

Netflix members watch Turkish productions 1.5 times more than non-Netflix members. In other words, Netflix is ​​instrumental in bringing Turkish culture to new geographies by making domestic productions more visible.

-People who watch Turkish TV series and movies on Netflix are 2.6 times more likely to visit Turkey as tourists than those who don’t. The three countries with the highest increase in tourist interest worldwide are Brazil, the USA and the United Arab Emirates, respectively.

TV series and movies also increase the interest in Turkish. The rate of those who say “I want to learn Turkish” among those who watch Turkish productions on Netflix is ​​4.6 times higher than those who do not. The country where the interest in Turkish has increased the most is the USA.

– Among those who watch local productions on Netflix, the rate of those who say “I am interested in Turkish culture” is 29 percent higher than those who do not. Similarly, interest in Turkish cuisine increases by 29 percent, interest in Turkish history by 27 percent, and interest in Turkish literature by 22 percent.

The desire of those watching Turkish productions on Netflix to meet Turkish people and do business increases by 27 percent. The rate of those who say, “After watching Turkish productions, my desire to buy products and services produced in Turkey increased” is 17 percent.

Research shows that interest in the creative industry is growing exponentially. While the interest of the people watching Turkish productions towards Turkish directors increased 4.6 times, the interest in actors increased 4.9 times; The rate of following players on social media increases 5.2 times.