Interesting career of Nathan Redmond

Nathan Redmond is famous for his impeccable performances against England’s 6 bigs.

There are those of you who remember the time when Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola went to him after a Southampton game and said something with enthusiasm, and even the English Football Association wanted defense.

That football player was none other than Nathan Redmond, who signed for Beşiktaş…

Interesting career of Nathan Redmond #1

Guardiola actually went to congratulate

Guardiola actually congratulated Redmond that day, saying what a talented player he was, but that his team was more concerned with spending time than playing.

Redmond could not reflect his flawless performances against England’s 6 biggest players (Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham) in his career and always fell behind his potential.

Interesting career of Nathan Redmond #2

His mother guided him

Redmond, who grew up in the infrastructure of Birmingham Club, made his way to Southampton in 2016 after 3 years in Norwich. During these periods when he had great ups and downs in his career, he could not even get into the squad and even went to training with the under-23 team for months.

Especially the Mauricio Pellegrino period was the most difficult time for him. But his mother made him understand that football is a game. Even when he was making up excuses, he reminded her that he was the cause of everything.

Interesting career of Nathan Redmond #3

Enthusiastic with Hasenhuttl

Redmond, who came together with names such as Daniel Sturridge, Nathaniel Chalobah, Kieran Gibbs and Danny Simpson in Los Angeles to collect himself, could not find what he hoped for during the Mark Hughes era, which he started with hope.

However, the arrival of Ralph Hasenhüttl in Southampton in 2018 marked a new beginning in his career. He was called up to the England national team by Gareth Southgate and was named player of the season for Southampton by his teammates and fans.

Interesting career of Nathan Redmond #4

“Redmond is a real shark”

It would not be an exaggeration to call Nathan Redmond a true warrior on the field. Mark Hughes, one of the technical men he worked with, has always expressed these features of him and said for himself. “A real shark” had used the phrase.

Interesting career of Nathan Redmond #5

He came to talk to Dele Alli

Deciding to take on a new challenge in his career, Nathan Redmond met Dele Alli after receiving an offer from Beşiktaş and got information about the black and white club and Turkey.

After his research, Redmond accepted Beşiktaş’s proposal and received advice about this new period of his life from David Beckham, whom he met on his way to Istanbul.

Interesting career of Nathan Redmond #6

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