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Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nabati, recently announced that the new medium-term plan will be announced in the first week of September within the framework of the Turkish Economy Model. The program to be announced will include the macro dimensions of the 2023-2025 period. Plans to be made in the plan, which will also include the size of the budget, will also be included. On October 17, 2023 budget Turkish Grand National Assemblywill be submitted to. The budget marathon, which will start in the second half of October, will last until the end of December.


In the new law period, which will start on October 1, in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, a bag of bills that primarily concern the economy is expected. The proposal will include many adjustments. Among them are student loan debts. While the interest application on student loans of a total of 3 million 157 thousand young people will be abolished, a total of 26 billion TL will be deleted from loan repayments. Arrangements will also be made for new student loans. Another regulation of the bag proposal will affect the 30 billion lira debt of 6 million citizens in total.



The arrangement will consist of two stages. In the first stage, the state will undertake the debts of citizens arising from contracts for basic needs such as electricity, water, natural gas, telephone, up to 2 thousand TL. Debt up to 2 thousand TL will be erased and will be deducted from execution. In the second leg of the package, a regulation will be made regarding debts in execution followed by asset management companies. The state will undertake the debts of nearly 1 million citizens under enforcement proceedings up to TL 2,500 transferred to asset management companies. Debts to be cleared will cover individual debts. A legal regulation regarding the Price Stability Committee, whose regulation was canceled by the Constitutional Court, will also be added to the bag proposal.

Intensive autumn work in the economy



Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, also announced the calendar for those who are at retirement age, which is on the agenda of many people. Stating that they will evaluate the transition of contracted employees to the staff first, Bilgin said, “Everything in our program continues in order. Then there is the issue of EYT’s. It’s wider. It will be in the Turkish Grand National Assembly in December or at the beginning of January,” he said. Regarding the EYT, Minister Bilgin, on the question “Is there a bag of laws”, said, “It does not have to be a bag of laws. How the parliament approves. We will complete our work, it will be done in the way the Assembly appreciates”.



On September 13, the social housing project, which was brought to the agenda to stop the increase in rent and house prices, will be announced. In the project, which will include housing, residential land and industrial sites, quotas will be allocated for young people, retirees, relatives of martyrs, veterans, and the disabled.


In December, the table will be discussed to determine the minimum wage to be applied in 2023. This year, unlike other years, an interim increase in the minimum wage was made in July and the net minimum wage It was increased to 5 thousand 500 TL. In the negotiations to be held in December, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Türk-İş and TİSK will be on the table.


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