Inflation update to credit card limits! Card limits will rise suddenly, here’s why

Inflation update to credit card limits! Here’s why the card limits will rise all of a sudden – New news continues to be on the agenda for more than 80 million credit card users in Turkey. Accordingly, new announcements continue to come from those banks for citizens.

It has been reported that the limits will be increased due to the fact that the credit card limits given by the banks have not been sufficient recently. According to the news, the inflation values ​​will be calculated and the limit will be increased according to this increase in new credit cards. Thanks to this pleasing news for credit card users, many people will no longer need to seek help from others for their needs.

New Update on Credit Card Limits

Inflation update to credit card limits!  Card limits will rise suddenly, here's why

With the increase in inflation values ​​in Turkey every month, high pricing is in question for all products. Necessary products, the prices of which change every month, have begun to put citizens in a difficult situation. Credit cards issued by banks are no longer sufficient. Due to the fact that credit cards remained from previous times and their limits were not at lower levels, they began to be of no use to the citizens. It is on the agenda that a new regulation will be made by the banks as a solution to the uselessness of cards.

While the increase in inflation values ​​affected the prices of all products, credit card users began to be unable to limit these products anymore. People who want to shop in installments in the technology, care and entertainment sectors, especially in clothing, can no longer shop via credit cards. Upon the occurrence of this situation, banks will now increase the limit over inflation values.

To Whom Will Limit Increase Be Made?

Credit card limits, which will be adjusted according to inflation values, will be evaluated according to the payment order, income status and credit rating status of the people. If the payment order and credit score are good, the credit card user’s limits will be increased. People who want to use installments by purchasing the product they want while using their card will be able to benefit from the limit increase as long as they make their regular payments.