Industrialists said what will happen next. The news that will disturb Mustafa Varank’s sleep.

Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci evaluated the 50 percent increase in natural gas and electricity used in the industry in the Bloomberg HT broadcast, in which he participated.

Keçeci stated that they have seen such a raise for the first time in years. “Everything has been turned upside down since the morning. We have not seen such a hike in our history. Where and how will we reflect this.” he said.

Underlining that it is not possible for the industrialist to bear such a burden alone, Keçeci said, “How will our export markets be affected. Phone traffic continues with all my friends. We started working closely. We are talking about what can be done to solve this problem.” used the phrases.


“We know that a natural gas that reaches 4 thousand 4 thousand 500 dollars will definitely have a reflection. However, as a Turkish industrialist, we should not be left alone. We cannot bear this alone. We will be under this burden.” Keçeci said, “If there is such a high increase in a period of stagnation, it is necessary to take a stand with the industrialists.


Keçeci stated that he had some suggestions as industrialists, that exporters should be given a discount and that the SCT on gas should be abolished.

He said that they did not make small calculations as industrialists, but that the industrialists should be subsidized in both natural gas and electricity.

Keçeci stated that BOTAŞ sold the unit price to the industrialist with some meaningless hikes and pricing that they could not bear. “We cannot handle this. If we do not reflect this, the Turkish industrialist will go bankrupt. The king is naked, I am saying this.” he said.

After Keçeci’s words, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank came to mind. It is a matter of curiosity whether Varank, who compares Turkey’s pre- and post-AKP situation every time and responds to the dissidents on Twitter, will respond to the statements of Denizli Chamber of Industry President Keçeci.


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