Inaki Pena replaces Muslera |

GalatasarayAfter Muslera’s injury last season, at the request of coach Domenec Torrent, Inaki Pena was loaned from Barcelona until the end of the season at halftime. Pena attracted attention especially after his performance against Barcelona in the UEFA Europa League. It was claimed that the Yellow Reds got back into action for Pena.

Italian journalist Matteo Moretto wrote that Pena’s contract with Barcelona will expire at the end of the season and will not sign a new contract with the club. He announced that Galatasaray is active for Pena and that the Yellow Reds will put Pena in the goal instead of Muslera.

Pena, who grew up with the infrastructure of Barcelona, ​​was loaned to Galatasaray last season; This season, he was taken to the A Team at the request of Xavi. However, the 23-year-old net keeper could not take part in the Bordeaux Blues this season.

How was Pena’s performance at Galatasaray last year?

Last year, Inaki Pena defended the Galatasaray castle a total of 8 (6 leagues, 2 Europa League) times. Pena, who defended the goal in the Alanyaspor match for the first time in the league, could not close his goal and the match ended 1-1. Pena could not prevent 9 goals in league matches played with Galatasaray jersey.

Pena, who was in the goal in both Europa League matches played against Barcelona, ​​did not allow the opponent to score in one match; Galatasaray lost the other match 2-1.