In Zaporizhia the difference is like night and day

Zaporizhia statement from IAEA

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) President Rafael Mariano Grossi pointed out the importance of the agency’s presence at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and said that the developments will now be directly transferred to the center by the inspectors, and that the difference between the institution’s presence or not being there is like night and day.

Grossi made a statement at Vienna Schwechat Airport on his return from Ukraine.

According to the news of AA; Noting that they went to Zaporizhia with a team of 14 people and 6 experts from the team stayed at the facility, Grossi said that these people will continue the work initiated by the Agency yesterday, and that the IAEA’s presence here is permanent and that they will stay there as long as the need persists.

Noting that there are 7 issues to be considered in terms of safety and security at each nuclear power plant, Grossi conveyed the latest situation at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant on a chart that includes the 7 issues in question.


Referring to the physical integrity of the power plant, Grossi noted that this is the most worrying issue. Grossi stated that this item is marked in red in the graphic because physical integrity is in serious danger due to the conflicts in and around the facility.

Grossi stated that the security system of the power plant works well despite some setbacks, that is why they marked this item as yellow, but stated that the situation of the employees at the plant is the second most important issue that worries them.

Sharing the information that the nuclear power plant is under the control of Russian forces but operated by Ukrainians, and that Russian experts are also present at the facility, Grossi said that the experts work professionally, but the atmosphere is very fragile.

Noting that another issue they were concerned about was the power supplies of the power plant, Grossi pointed out that a possible problem in the power supplies in such a large facility could have serious consequences.

Expressing that two experts from the agency will stay at this power plant until everything returns to normal, Grossi said, “We knew a lot about the power plant, but our main task is to inspect. The difference between the agency’s presence or not being there is like night and day.” said.

Noting that conflicts and military activity have increased in the region where the power plant is located, Grossi noted that this situation worries him a lot, and that the physical integrity of the facility is likely to be damaged due to escalating conflicts.


“Having the agency there is a huge value, a huge difference. Now everything that happens there, any limitations will be reported to us immediately. It doesn’t matter what one side says or what the other responds to, because the IAEA is there,” Grossi said. made its assessment.

Noting that they have access to every place they want to see or enter in Zaporizhia, Grossi noted that no information is hidden from the public and said, “We saw everything. I want to emphasize this because I think it is very important. We do what we have to do when we go somewhere. And if we are blocked, we will come back and We say we can’t.” he said.

Grossi stated that the agency’s presence at the nuclear power plant would create a balance between the parties, and therefore this mission is important, adding that he would inform the IAEA Executive Board on the latest situation at the nuclear power plant during the week.

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