In which occupational groups are there gaps in Germany’s skilled workers list?

Faced with the risk of shrinking the economy due to the labor shortage, Germany needs immigrants, which it defines as “skilled workers”.

The government, which wants to make the country attractive to immigrants, a new plan prepared. According to the plan announced by the German Ministry of Labor, bureaucratic barriers to immigration will be reduced, the duration of citizenship will be shortened and multinational citizenship will be facilitated.

The plan, which envisages the transition to a point-based visa system, will facilitate the resettlement of qualified workers in the country.

So, which occupations fall within the scope of qualified work? In which areas does Germany need qualified workforce?

Which occupational groups does Germany need?

The government, which aims to guide the qualified workforce who wants to come to Germany to work, has prepared a website called “Make it in Germany”.

German Economy Minister Robert addressed those who are considering working in Germany in a YouTube video prepared for the site.

“A lot of things are happening in Germany right now,” said the minister, adding that the German economy aims to be climate neutral, digitalization creates new job opportunities, new companies enter the market and invest in the country’s future.

Emphasizing that they offer a good working environment and a high quality of life, Habeck said, “However, we are still looking for people who want to bring their skills, expertise and passion to Germany.”

Here is the list of sought-after professions and the branches where the need is high:

  • Engineers: Automation technology, construction, architecture, automotive industry – including electric transport and driverless transport, renewable energies, environmental protection and artificial intelligence
  • Communications technologists: Software development, application support, IT security, data science
  • Scientists:

Biotechnology, chemistry, energy and environmental engineering, medical engineering, pharmacy, physics

  • Physicians
  • Nurses and caregivers: patient, child and elderly care
  • Skilled craftsmen: Construction and development, metals and electronics, wood and plastics, industrial cleaning, handcrafted food products, health and personal care, graphic design, clothing, textiles and leather industries
  • Food and hospitality industry professionals

“we need you”

Habeck offers education opportunities that will enable professionals in these fields to develop themselves, opportunities to settle with their families and for the education of their children, and even German citizenship. to win earlier stressed that this would be possible.

Stating that they welcome everyone from all over the world, Habeck called out, “We need you.”

What information is on the Make it to Germany site?

Make it to Germany It is possible to find all kinds of official information about working, studying, living in Germany, visa and residence procedures on the website.

On the site originally prepared in English, French, Spanish and Russian Turkish There is a home page, but detailed information is explained in English. Also on the site Job Market Current job postings can be searched in the section.


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