Important details for the iPhone SE have emerged!-SDN

As the countdown to the launch day, which will be held on September 7, has begun, important design claims have been made for the iPhone SE, which Apple has positioned as affordable and highly anticipated worldwide. Along with these, important developments regarding the highly anticipated camera of the iPhone 14 Pro have surfaced.

Notched iPhone SE on the way

According to the information that a reliable Apple analyst shared on Spotify in the past days, the new iPhone SE iPhone XIt will reflect similar design lines to R. Apple will abandon the design that has had a home button for years.

With the removal of the home screen button, another cycle will be closed. However, in order for this period to be completely shelved, the famous analyst pointed to the year 2024 and stated that the development processes are still continuing, and that Apple will come up with a powerful iPhone SE model next year.

Fast charging surprise for iPhone 14 from Apple

Fast charging surprise for iPhone 14 from Apple

Apple is expanding its fast charging capacity with the iPhone 14 family. Allegedly, new iPhones can support 30W charging.

iPhone 14 Pro will offer a new wide-angle experience!

In addition to the innovations in the iPhone SE model, Apple, preparing for its launch on September 7, increased the pixel sizes in the ultra wide angle camera to be used on the iPhone 14 Pro models. With the sensor produced by Sony and the “compact camera module” produced by LG, a better shooting quality will be offered to users.

iPhone 14

The ultra-wide-angle camera to be used in the new iPhone 14 Pro series will have a pixel size of 1.4μm. iPhone 13 In the model, this value was 1.0μ pixel size. Thanks to this increase, users will be able to get better performance especially at night when shooting ultra wide angle. But with this feature, there will be a significant price increase.

So what do you think about the design claims for the iPhone SE and the new cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro? Do not forget to share your views and thoughts with us in the comments!

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