Important breakthrough from the Parliament! Last minute: Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the prevention of abuse against children will be established

A breakthrough in child abuse from the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç, paused the meeting and met with the group deputies of political parties while the negotiations were continuing on the Bill on the Amendment of the Electricity Market Law and Some Laws and the Decree Law No. 375.

Bilgiç, who reopened the meeting, stated that political party groups have submitted their proposals for the establishment of a Parliamentary Investigation Commission in order to prevent all kinds of abuse against children, especially sexual abuse, and to determine the measures to be taken.

Providing information about the scope of the commission in question, Bilgiç said, “The determination of the measures to be taken to prevent all kinds of abuse against children, especially sexual abuse, as well as the determination of the problems encountered in terms of children’s enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms at the highest level, and the determination of new solutions for them. It was decided jointly to establish a research commission, including said.

Bilgiç, the negotiations on the establishment of the commission Turkish Grand National Assembly He stated that an agreement was reached between the groups to hold the General Assembly on Tuesday, January 3rd.