Important Announcement to Insured Citizens! Banks Give 30 Thousand TL Cash

Important announcement to citizens with SSK! When you request cash from banks, 30 thousand TL is instantly transferred to your account. All citizens working as insured can take out consumer loans by taking advantage of the cash opportunity of up to 30 thousand TL offered by banks. Insured customers will be able to apply to banks to use a loan of up to 30 thousand TL. So how and where to apply? What are the conditions? Details are with you in the rest of our news…

Banks provide loans with a limit of 30 thousand TL to all insured customers. Citizens working as insured will be able to apply to banks to use a loan of up to 30 thousand TL, and take advantage of loan packages with 24-month and 36-month terms. Your application will be received by the bank after a short message you will send via your mobile phone and your positive or negative result will be notified to you after the evaluation.

QNB Finansbank Consumer Loan Campaign

QNB Finansbank instantly transfers 30 thousand TL of loan cash to your bank account in case you get a positive result after completing your application for a consumer loan. A loan application of 30 thousand TL with a 90-day deferral can also be made easily via text message. You can apply for a consumer loan by sending a text message on your mobile phone, and to receive service payment within the same day, enter My Loan, leave a space, and write your TR ID and date of birth as month, day, year, and send it to 32 80.

After the short message sent, the bank will respond to you and notify you of the result. You can start using your approved loan by depositing it into your accounts on the same day and meet your needs immediately. Customers who will apply for a loan will be able to receive service payments on the same day in accordance with the application conditions.

Garanti BBVA Consumer Loan Details

All citizens who will apply for a consumer loan through Garanti BBVA will send this message to 44 25 after typing a loan, leaving a space, and typing the TR ID number. Garanti BBVA announced that within the scope of this consumer loan, which it provides to all citizens who continue their working life with insurance up to 30 thousand TL, it also provides a loan opportunity directly through the Garanti BBVA mobile application for citizens who have an account in their own bank whenever they want.