Images sat on the agenda of social media! They beat their teacher and tied him to a tree.

Students at a boarding school in Jharkhand state of India beat 2 teachers and 1 officer and tied them to a tree on the grounds that they gave low grades.

A group of students studying at a boarding school in the Dumka region of Jharkhand state of India beat 2 teachers and a school official on the grounds that they gave low grades last Monday, and tied them to a tree. It was reported that no one complained about the incident, while the police took action after the images of the teachers and the officer tied to the tree were on the agenda on social media.

“There was no investigation because they did not make a complaint”

Nityanand Bhokta, who is in charge of the Gopikandar Police Station, told the media. “Since the school administration did not make a written complaint about the incident, no investigation was launched into the case. After the incident was confirmed, I asked the school authorities to file a complaint.” Using his statements, he stated that no complaint was made on the grounds that the said complaint would harm the school.

Training was suspended for 2 days.

Teachers, on the other hand, stated that they do not want to ruin the future of any child by complaining, and after the incident, education was suspended for 2 days in the 9th and 10th grades to ensure security and order at the school.

In the 9th grade exam of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the results of which were announced by the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) last Saturday, 11 out of 32 students in the school received the DD grade. The students claimed that the teacher deliberately gave them low grades on the practical exams, which is why they failed the exam.


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