If you’re planning a ‘controlled’ thriller, they won’t eat it

WALL – Democrat Party Chairman Gültekin Uysal evaluated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statements on Greece. Sharing on his social media account, Uysal said, “If you are planning a collusive fight, if you are planning a ‘controlled’ tension with the opposite shore of the Aegean in order to label the opposition as ‘traitor’ before the election, to silence their voice and to consolidate your power, they will not eat it!” said.

President Erdogan had called out to Greece, where it was stated that Turkey had locked its F-16s from S-300 systems, saying, “We will do what is necessary when the time comes. We can come suddenly one night.”

Uysal said in a statement on Twitter:

“Who wants Erdogan to go? Greece, for example, would Erdogan want Erdogan to go? No! What about Europe, where we dispose of its straw and rubbish, and where we agree to be a buffer zone so that its inhabitants can feel comfortable? Or Russia, which has achieved the dream of a warm sea for centuries with the mistakes made by this government in Syria.” What about the PKK, which has dreamed of a state for years and gained a state in northern Syria thanks to the AKP?

What about Gulf capital? Gulf countries, to which they have given concessions, even capitulations, due to their personal relationships? The Saudi family with whom they had a “secret” relationship, causing them to violate our sovereign rights by handing over the files in cases like the Khashoggi case? Well, what about the United States, which is strong enough against this government with dozens of files and documents belonging to Erdoğan and his family, which sometimes changes policy, sometimes lifts detentions, removes them from the projects we are partners with and settles for less?

Let’s also make a warning; If you are planning a collusion, if you are planning a “controlled” tension with the opposite shore of the Aegean to brand the opposition before the election as a “traitor”, silence it and consolidate your power, they will not eat it!”