If you start the game like this, you will pray for the result. Atiba is not the old Atiba! Necip old Necip


Today was Gaziantep’s liberation day. The day when the great resistance ended with victory.
There was great enthusiasm before the match in the stands of Kalyon Stadium. When the epic of Karayılan was read from Nazım Hikmet’s voice, the ground shook.
Then everyone cheered with the song “Hele hele Antepli”.
Until when? Until the match starts.
When the match started, we realized that the teams took the field to make the audience hate football!
That’s not all.
Especially Besiktas.
This can’t be done either!
Gaziantep naturally came out to resist.
What did Beşiktaş want? What was its purpose? What kind of goal was Şenol after when he was making a midfielder from Atiba from Necip?
Is it easy to find a position with such a midfielder? How did he stand up to Atiba during the first half and to Necip for 66 minutes?
Is there any midfielder who can’t pass a 5 meter pass?
Once upon a time, an Englishman named Alan Walsh was transferred to Beşiktaş. I think he was 35 years old. They waved; “Süleyman Seba had his military friend removed,” he said. However, the man was so technical (although not fast) that his 40-meter passes and exquisite mids played an important role in Beşiktaş’s championship.
Yahu Atiba is 40 years old. So whose military friend is this? Okay, he might be on the roster. I understand it takes you to hold the last 10 minutes, 15 minutes game. What is the point of putting a man who is old enough to retire from SSK (if he doesn’t get caught in EYT) in the top eleven? Can’t Salih play that much?
Naturally, Beşiktaş could neither play with this midfield nor enter a position in the first half.
There was also the disgrace of the referee, of course, in this half. NKoudou from Beşiktaş officially headbutted the man. Atilla Karaoglan is shown the yellow card. Besiktas players, on the other hand, were surprised that the card was not a red card. Warning from VAR. Karaoğlan also watched the headshot there. It didn’t show red though. He wore the new FIFA badge. If they see it, they’ll probably cancel it!
Gaziantep, on the other hand, wanted to resist against Beşiktaş. But in the second half, Erol Bulut realized that this Beşiktaş is not a team to be resisted, he started to attack with substitutions.
Şenol teacher, who threw the first 45 minutes into the trash…
In the match where such nonsense was experienced, a spectator entered the field. Weghorst is advancing with the ball, and the man is advancing. Weghorst hit the ball went aloft. The man entered the castle. What would have happened if Weghorst had scored after he was removed from the field?
As I said, Erol Bulut made substitutions so that we can beat this team. One fidgeted: He also scored the goal with Figedero at 71. In 86, Weghorst sent the equalizer into the net.
One point is too much for either team. If one of them had won, those 3 points would have been even more shameful!
I’m saying it again. Let go of Atiba, who is now 40 years old. Don’t worry any more. See that Necip won’t have a top eleven man either. You are playing Beşiktaş incomplete.
There are so many people in the hut. Look at the people on the field.
Regardless of the outcome of the match. You win, you lose. Football has it all.
But the name of this game cannot be football. Especially in the first half, isn’t that a shame? These words of course also apply to Antep.
In the end, I say the best of the worst wins.
I can’t find any more words to say to Beşiktaş.
You know, this team would come back like a bomb after the break given to the league? It really came back like a bomb! And what a bomb!