If you have taken a loan from the bank, enter the e-Government Gateway now! You can get your insurance premiums back in bulk

It has been learned that citizens who take loans from the bank can get back the shares they have paid insured if they use insurance in the loan withdrawal. Here is the method to get back the credit insurance payments…

Loans, one of the most demanded services of banks, started to be offered with two different options, insured and uninsured. According to the decision made by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), banks that cannot make it compulsory to take out ‘life insurance’ have started to give loans at lower interest rates to those who have this insurance, but at higher interest rates to those who do not. For this reason, it has been learned that citizens who take out life insurance very often can get their insurance premium payments back with certain methods.

Lawyer Hadi Dündar made a statement regarding the right to apply for the collective reimbursement of life insurance premiums, which can be made by citizens who have both consumer, vehicle and housing loans. Making an assessment on the subject, Lawyer Dündar also made a statement on how life insurance premiums can be recovered.


Stating that banks offer the option of life insurance in order to eliminate the possibility of facing the risk of not being able to repay the loan due to the death of the person to whom the loan is given, Lawyer Hadi Dündar said that in case of the death of the citizen who took out the insurance, the insurance company pays the remaining part of the loan; He stated that the heirs should cover the remaining debt from the loan amounts of those who do not have insurance. Explaining the exceptions in these cases, Lawyer Dündar also clarified the bank charges to be paid.

Stating that the insurance contract will be invalid if he dies before the first premium is paid, and that this is an exception, Lawyer Dündar underlined that the previous court decisions included the phrase “Only obligatory expenses can be requested from the consumer”. In other words, people who want to take out insurance and have their insurance canceled later can get their money back by doing this.


Citizens who want to cancel their life insurance and get their money back must log in to the e-Government Gateway. Then, they need to check their life insurance by opening the “Life Insurance Policy and Indemnity Information Inquiry” service. It is possible for people who click on the ‘Detailed Information’ button on the insurances here to get their money back if they see the two statements below.

Citizens who want to get their life insurance money back should see the phrases ‘In force’ in the ‘Policy Status’ section and ‘Daini Mürtein (Daini Mürtehin)’ in the ‘Detail’ section. People who see this statement can get their money back with a petition they write through the “Insurance and Private Pension Complaint Application and Follow-up” service, which is another service provided through the e-Government Gateway.