If you have a Denizbank bank account, beware! Not if you don’t apply within 8 days! The bank made an important statement

Denizbank In the application announcement made through the head office and social media accounts on the official website, it is stated that the citizens who need cash within 8 days have this bank account, SMS The campaign that they can do immediately by throwing

In these campaigns, which were launched for citizens who will use consumer loans by logging into the official website through Denizbank, the news came that the bank should participate in the consumer loan campaign without income certificate so that citizens in need of cash can use consumer loans.

Denizbank, while providing loans with lower interest rates compared to other banks, to citizens who will make their applications within 8 days, announced that it will make transactions for 36-month loans up to 50000 TL without asking you for an income document in any way.

Citizens who will apply after the announcement made on the official website of Denizbank, can apply for a loan using the Denizbank mobile application or using the internet branch, together with the internet banking password they will receive from their own bank accounts.

Denizbank also announced that it will provide consumer loans by sending SMS on their mobile phones for citizens who have an account in their own bank, and it will also give approval without income certificate to citizens who are approved after the SMS loan application.

If you want to apply for a consumer loan via SMS via your mobile phone, first enter My Credit, leave a space, and then send this message to 32 80 by typing your own ID number, and you will be participating in the consumer loan campaign that will be launched through Denizbank.

After the message sent to 32 80, you will be sent a text message to your mobile phone after the inquiry to be made on your ID number, and if you get a loan approval, you will apply through bank branches or via internet banking.

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