If the six-table says ‘let’s negotiate’ after the candidates come out, we won’t say ‘no’

HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said after HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan’s statement that “they will nominate candidates together with HDP alliances”, which is on the agenda, “We will not say ‘no’ if the six-table says, ‘Let’s talk frankly and negotiate’ after the candidates come out.” .

HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan repeated his statement in Kars that ‘HDP will put out its own candidate’ in Iğdır. Buldan said that HDP will nominate a joint candidate with its alliances.

Buldan, who repeated once again that the HDP will enter the elections with its own candidate, said: “Why shouldn’t HDP nominate a candidate?”

  • Everyone’s eyes are on the HDP, namely us, will it nominate a candidate or not, will it support the Nation Alliance or not? Will HDP’s strategy be the same as in the local elections or will it have a new target or a new strategy? Yesterday I made a statement in Kars, I said that HDP will announce its own candidate and will enter the elections with its own candidate, the only issue that has been discussed since yesterday is whether HDP will nominate a candidate.


HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar answered journalist Zeynel Lüle’s questions about the election and the issues on the agenda, following HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan’s statement that “He will nominate candidates together with the HDP alliances”.

Sancar said, “If the Six Table says, ‘Let’s talk, let’s conduct open negotiations’ after the candidates are announced, we will not say ‘no’.”

Headlines from Sancar’s statements are as follows:

  • The government will make this trustee system the general regime of the country. The Kobani case against us is a conspiracy case. Unmatched in the history of the judiciary.
  • We want to send this power. We do not want to be content with that, we will do our best to change this order.
  • The urgent need right now is to send this government, which has been plagued by disasters in the last 10 years, through elections. If this is the goal, it is necessary to make the way to it by sitting down and talking. The country you will send it to will not remain in a vacuum. If the incoming administration will not be different, what will change? It’s a shame if we come back to the same place in two years.
  • We want to take a constructive role and do our bit for democracy.


  • After announcing our candidate, the open dialogue and negotiation method inherent in the elections can be valid. Let me be even more clear, we would not say no if he said, “Let’s talk, let’s lead an open negotiation, after we remove our candidate, after the Six Table candidate.”
  • Those who say “He is making a mistake by removing the HDP candidate” while going to the elections; We are open to negotiation. What is demanded of HDP? We are open to negotiations until the elections, new formulas can be found.
  • Even if we remain silent, can the opposition persuade voters to go to the polls? We say the guaranteed way to get rid of this power.
  • When there is so much cost with a visit, are we a party where everything will be a milk port? We are confident. We are committed to the commitments we make to the public.
  • We are not expelling the candidate as blackmail and threats. We are trying to fulfill our promises to the people. In this country, everyone has to take responsibility as they move towards enlightenment. We have a goal, we don’t give up on it. We make our policy transparent. Therefore, we will remove our candidate, we will issue a candidate for the allegations. We will nominate a candidate who will qualify for the second round. We are proposing a candidate for those who are caught between two blocks by the forces of democracy but cannot digest both of them.
  • (Candidate name) Name is not our primary agenda, our primary agenda is method and content.


  • For one thing, this request, that is, the blocking of the accounts to which the Treasury aid will be deposited, was submitted to the court on 13 December, but we have no information. The prosecutor had requested it twice before. All this was denied.
  • Now, what happened, the court accepted the request. First, the Constitutional Court does not have the authority to make such a decision. The Chief Public Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation has no right to make such a request. A request that is not based on the law is making a request that is not based on legislation. However, it does not specify which provision of the law it is based on and does not give reasons.
  • After learning about these developments on January 3, we applied to the Constitutional Court.
  • The decision to cut the Treasury aid is taken by the majority of the votes. However, this decision is made with an 8 to 7 vote rate. How can the Constitution be violated more openly?
  • It is obviously an operation to intervene in the electoral process and design politics. Those who said yes to this decision in the Constitutional Court, unfortunately, became a tool in this operation. The President of the Constitutional Court also has a letter of dissenting vote.
  • It is incomprehensible to remain silent about such an operation. Even if our party is closed, we will find ways to reflect our power in the elections.


  • We advocate liberal secularism. We always say that the ban is not true on this issue. We do not find it sincere that this is brought to the agenda as a constitutional amendment. Since the government will use these issues as a fault line, we do not offer them these opportunities. If the basic condition of discussions about freedoms were equality… This feature does not exist at the moment. It is obvious that these negotiations will continue between the Six Tables and the government.


  • We also want the election to be made immediately. We have no shortage of self-confidence.


Speaking at the fourth regular congress of the party’s Kars provincial organization, HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan said that they would announce their candidates as soon as possible and that HDP would enter the presidential election with its own candidate:

“As HDP, we will share our presidential candidate with the peoples of Turkey as soon as possible. HDP will nominate its own candidate, will nominate its own candidate and will go to the elections with its own candidate. We do not have any partnership with either the people’s alliance or the nation’s alliance. However, we have principled approaches, and we can sit down and talk, negotiate, and be in dialogue when the time comes. But HDP’s current decision is to enter the elections with its own candidate.”