If the issues are not resolved within 48 hours, the guns will talk.

WALL – The tide has not calmed down since the ex-PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) co-chair Lahur Sheikh Cengi was purged by Bafl Talabani. Aras Sheikh Cengi, brother of Lahur Cengi, warned that “guns will talk” if the problems within the party are not resolved.

Aras Sheikh Cengi, Member of the PUK High Council, said that the problems within the PUK are ‘complex’. Cengi said, “The situation within the PUK is complex and this complex situation must be resolved, otherwise it will be resolved with weapons within 48 hours.”

speaking to Rudaw Cengi said that Sulaymaniyah is badly governed and said, “Süleymaniye is going through a difficult political process and the current rulers of Sulaymaniyah are far from the path of Mam Jalal (Jalal Talabani). It is the first time that Sulaymaniyah has witnessed such a bad situation since the Battle of Hekari.” Aras Sheikh Cengi, on the allegations that the former co-chairman of PUK, his brother Lahur Sheikh Cengi, ‘formed armed forces’, said, “I do not believe that it will form armed forces. The PUK took its guards. They can be guards, not armed forces,” he said.

Cengi continued: “I believe that the situation within the PUK will get better, otherwise I will leave Kurdistan. As the PUK’s situation worsens, the situation in Sulaymaniyah gets worse.”

Cengi, stating that the PUK is not on the path of Jalal Talabani, said, “Mam Celal’s path is not followed. If Mam Celal had a problem with someone, he would go to his house and find a solution. The current administrators, who exported PUK members and officials to the masses, are not PUK members. Mam Jalal was the only person who did not have a meter of land anywhere.”

What happened?

Problems within the PUK escalated after PUK Co-Chair Bafil Talabani replaced the heads of the Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Organization on 8 July 2021. These developments, which strained relations, extended until the PUK Political Office took away the powers of Lahur Sheikh Cengi on 15 July. In addition, Aras Sheikh Cangi was dismissed on November 02, 2021 by the decision of PUK Co-Chair Bafıl Talabani, and was later reinstated. (EXTERNAL NEWS)