“If he had already played for a long time, it would not have been easy to bring him here”

MKE Ankaragücü Technical Director In his statement to the press, Ömer Erdoğan reminded that they faced Beşiktaş and Corendon Alanyaspor after taking office and stated that they did not deserve to lose these two matches.

Explaining that his players gave him a good mental and tactical turn, Erdoğan said, “We have a group of players who fulfilled our wishes in the first match we played with Beşiktaş. We deserved at least one point in that match. We got stronger with our transfers and went to Alanyaspor away. It is a difficult away game. It is very good for our opponent. “We responded and entered a lot of positions, but unfortunately we couldn’t evaluate. We were upset about a point, but we came back empty-handed. The match had hopeful aspects. It was important to see the team spirit and the players’ desire to win. We missed the winning goal before the goal we conceded. We analyzed our shortcomings.” used the phrases.

Noting that they prepared very well for the Sivasspor match, Erdoğan said, “My players are very eager. Our desire to win is high. We want to get 3 points as soon as possible, we need it badly. Every match is difficult now. There is no bad team in the league. No team has been defeated by playing badly. My players have so far been defeated.” “He gives us hope with his stance on the field and his efforts in training. With a win, we can look ahead.” he said.

“I find the punishment heavy”

Ömer Erdoğan stated that after the events in the Beşiktaş match, they found the penalty to play one match without an audience, given by the Professional Football Disciplinary Committee of the Turkish Football Federation, heavy and that they would win the Sivasspor match for the fans.

Stating that the biggest shortcoming in the Sivasspor match will be the supporters, Erdogan said:

“Football is good with fans. It is sad that we don’t have fans. Ankaragücü supporters give a different energy and strength. I find the punishment heavy. Of course, those involved in the events should be punished, but more than 20 thousand people there were innocently punished. We will fight for our fans in this match. We are completely focused on victory. The beautiful side of football is the fans. I won’t name the team, but there are teams that play for 300-500 people. It is the fans who motivate the players. In Turkey, Ankaragücü fans chase their team regardless of which league they play in. After the Alanyaspor match, they applauded both our team and their opponent. Isn’t it a pity? We’re already playing 2 matches a month at home. One of them is suspended now. If anyone deserves a penalty, punish him, but it’s heavy to cost a whole group of fans.”

“If he had already played for a long time, it would not have been easy to bring him here”

Reminding that they made 5 transfers in a short time after taking office, Erdoğan concluded his words as follows:

“When I took the job, we took the names we were sure to increase the competition in the team. Tolga Cigerci was a very good opportunity transfer. I’ve been following him since Germany. It was a great opportunity for us to be idle during this period. Our priority was to recruit the players of this league who know the Super League. Taylan Antalyalı, Emre Kılınç, Gökhan Akkan were the players we wanted. Even though there were offers from different clubs, they came to our project, our president, believing in us. We need to climb from the bottom to the top and show that we are a good team. Our last transfer Kevin Malcuit was also a player we knew “He could not play much in his last year due to health problems. If he had played for a long time, it would not have been easy to bring him here. We became a good team. Now we need to reflect that in the scores.”

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