IAEA meets with Russia and Ukraine to ensure security at Zaporizhia NPP


IAEA President Rafael Mariano Grossi made important statements in Vienna, the capital of Austria. RussiaDuring the invasion of Ukraine, which was the target of attacks and poses a great danger to the whole world. Zaporizhia Talking about the latest situation at the Nuclear Power Plant, Grossi talked about the establishment of a nuclear and physical protection zone around the power plant. Russia He said: “You know, a few days ago, I offered a meeting to the United Nations Security Council for the establishment of a nuclear safety zone and a safe protection zone around the power plant, and I started negotiations with Ukraine and Russia, which are indispensable parts of the issue.” .

Adding that an agreement between Russia and Ukraine would be necessary for the creation of the safe zone, Grossi said that he believed the two countries could simply agree not to attack the facility.



Grossi, together with his team, recently visited the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and made investigations in the region. Grossi said that the IAEA team saw military activity around the facility and said, “The physical integrity of the facility was violated not once, but several times. And this is in no way acceptable.”

Stating that there is a lot of conflict in the region in general, Grossi said, “Military mobility and operations are increasing in the region and this worries me a lot. There are references to attacks and counter-attacks. I don’t want to mention this, but it is clear that there is a statistical possibility of more physical damage. We see in the increase in military activities. “The thing is, physical integrity is more compromised,” he said. Grossi also stated that the military presence in the region did not come into contact with the IAEA. Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of bombing the plant.