IAEA chief Grossi: Military activity around Zaporizhia NPP is alarming


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) President Rafael Mariano Grossi stated that there are worrying clashes due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Zaporizhia Nuclear He left Ukraine after his visit to the Power Plant. Making a statement at Vienna International Airport in Austria, Grossi stated that the military activities and physical disruptions in the region were worrying, and that the facility had started to reopen. In his speech, Grossi emphasized that the presence of the IAEA team in Zaporizhia is important.


A team of 14 people from the IAEA in Zaporizhia in Ukraine Nuclear Grossi said that he visited the Power Plant and that some of the team will stay there and continue their duties, “As you know, we went there with our team of 14 people from the organization. This includes me and experts from the Security and Nuclear Department. Some of us returned today, 6 people from the team. “They will continue the work we started yesterday. Then we will continue our permanent presence with our 2 experts. We are trying to address the things that need attention in any nuclear facility in the world. We all wish the war to end. We believe it is important that the agency is there permanently,” he said.



Referring to the team remaining at the plant, Grossi said, “We have chosen a very experienced team. I can assure you that we will always have the necessary information and security. It is very important that the IAEA is there, but exaggerating our presence seems like it will end this terrible war or return the facility to Ukraine. “This is beyond our capacity. What we’re doing there is stabilizing nuclear security,” he said.

Asked if it’s a safety issue for the rest of the team to stay in Zaporozhia, Grossi replied, “I would never send anyone to a place I haven’t been myself,” adding, “I hope we won’t be there all the time. I hope we’ll be back to normal.”

Grossi said that being physically present in Zaporizhia is different: “We knew a lot before, but of course it is being inspected now. We are trying to make an in-depth assessment of how things are right now. I hope to prepare a report as soon as I see the full picture of the situation at the beginning of next week.” used.



Noting that the IAEA team saw military activity around the facility, Grossi said, “The physical integrity of the facility was violated not once, but several times. And this is in no way acceptable.” Stating that there is a lot of conflict in the region in general, Grossi said, “Military mobility and operations are increasing in the region and this worries me a lot. There are references to attacks and counter-attacks. I don’t want to mention this, but it is clear that there is a statistical possibility of more physical damage. We see in the increase in military activities. “The thing is, physical integrity is more compromised,” he said. On the other hand, Grossi also stated that the military presence in the region did not come into contact with the IAEA.



Grossi stated that he observed physical interruptions in some connections in the facility and in some systems that are still not fully seated. “When it comes to operational working conditions for the personnel, this has been one of the main points. It still remains one of the main points of concern.”

Emphasizing the importance of the cooling systems of the reactors at the facility, Grossi pointed out that if these systems do not work, they can cause a major accident. Grossi also stated that the facility continues to be opened and stated that it has started operating again.


Grossi once again underlined the importance of the IAEA’s presence in Zaporizhia and said, “The nuclear experts at the power plant know what they are doing. But of course, there is a hidden tension there due to the obvious reasons for the war. Again, I believe that our presence there has a great added value. “Because we can interact with people often. People know that IAEA staff are there. That’s why I think this value we have is very important,” he said.


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