‘I thought of quitting football at 14’

Emirhan İlkhan, the young player who transferred from the Super League team Beşiktaş to the Italian Serie A team Torino, TuttosportHe made statements to

In the news in question, ‘Emirhan İlkhan set out with 10-15 English words in his pocket and came to Turin. It’s too bad for him that he doesn’t have a citizen in Turin. She took an Italian course weeks ago and is starting to make progress in learning the language, albeit at a basic level. This shows that he is an exemplary student.


While playing in Beşiktaş, Emirhan İlkhan showed himself as a talent, but; He was reminded that he was on the brink of quitting football at the age of 14. Emirhan said, “The training ground in Istanbul was very far from us. My father could not accompany me every day. I could not commute by public transport every day. I was going and returning in the evening. I could not study too much. You cannot know how sorry I was. I have been wearing this jersey for more than 5 years. “I was wearing clothes and I thought it was impossible for me to continue. It would be dangerous for a child like me to wander around Istanbul alone.”

Explaining that he loves football and puts a lot of effort into getting somewhere, İlkhan said, “My brother helped me a lot. He said to me, ‘You can’t stay here with the talent you have. You’ve already made sacrifices a thousand times. We can’t leave everything at once. I will help you. You deserve it. If you can’t be a good football player, he said, “Wow. I owe him a lot.”

On the other hand, in the news, it was reminded that Beşiktaş was paid 4.5 million Euros for İlkhan, who is stated to be one of the best young talents of Torino, and that the football player signed a professional contract a short time ago.