I have not seen this approach in media that supports the government.

Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Ahmet HakanSinger of the National Newspaper, known for its closeness to the Felicity Party. GulsenHe criticized the news he made about his arrest.

“The National Newspaper is the official, not the semi-official, publication of the Felicity Party. It is the newspaper of Temel Dede, who is cute or cute, a democrat or a democrat, tolerant or tolerant.” said Hakan, about the newspaper itself. The Erdogan supporter Saray writer took care of the perverted Gülşen!” He pointed to his article.

Hakan continued:

“I have not seen such an approach in media organs that support the government. In media organs that support the government…The view that Gülşen made a mistake, but her arrest was not right, appears to be the most common view.

With this approach, Milli Gazete, the official publication of the Felicity Party, an important ally of the 6-way table, is far behind the newspapers that support the government.

In this case… ‘It is necessary to ask those who put all their hopes on the 6-party table by saying, ‘This government should go’:

How will these things be when your most important partner is in this head? Or does the logic on your side work like this: Even if he is against Erdoğan… Even if he tries to overthrow this government… Even if he gets votes from the AK Party… Whether he wants to call Gülşen ‘Perverted’, or applaud Gülşen’s arrest, or brand anyone who objects to Gülşen’s arrest as a ‘perverted friend’…

It’s not an issue. Is that it? Is this?”

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