I feel very sorry for my works that have been canceled for months and the pressure created.

Festivals and concerts in Turkey continue to be canceled for various reasons. Aleyna Tilki, one of the artists whose concert was canceled, reacted to the situation with her social media account.

Singer Aleyna Tilki shared her social media account; He rebelled against the cancellation of his concerts by saying, “I feel very sorry for my canceled works and the pressure created for months. When you take my stage from me, I will not have a life where I can digest what I have been through.”


Aleyna Tilki said, “I am very sorry… I feel very sorry for my works that have been canceled for months and the pressure created”, and used the following expressions:

  • It’s my only way in life to heal what I’ve been silent about since childhood with my songs on stage..
  • When you take my stage from me, I won’t have a life to digest what I’ve been through…
  • And it makes me sad by everyone, including those around me.
  • While the pandemic is already a very difficult period, it is so difficult to hold a concert in our country right now…
  • Come on, I need the concert spiritually. 50 people in my team take care of their families… We all need more music and concerts for our recovery.


The concert of the artist Aleyna Tilki, who will be on stage as part of the Diamond Rice Festival to be held in Çorum, was requested to be cancelled.

Diyanet-Sen Çorum Branch President İsmail Şanar targeted Aleyna Tilki, one of the artists who will participate in the festival, and said:

  • Aleyna Tilki was going to give a concert in Osmancık. We do not want to see Osmancık who does not contribute to the culture, art, social life, traditions, values ​​and beliefs of the city and tramples on religious and national values.
  • We are against the presentation of LGBT advocates, who live a life contrary to the morality of the society, as role models to people with their artist identity.
  • We invite the city administrators to take into account the social sensitivities and do what is necessary to cancel the program.

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