Hungarian Prime Minister Orban criticizes the West’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine War

Criticism from the Hungarian Prime Minister to Europe

In his statement in the National Assembly, Orban said that the Russia-Ukraine War will prolong because the USA and the European Union (EU) support Ukraine with weapons and material, while Russia’s reserves are unlimited in terms of both people and weapons.

Emphasizing that Hungary’s stance is different from that of the West, Orban said, “Today, the West favors war and Hungary favors peace. Instead of continuing and deepening the war, we demand an immediate ceasefire and peace talks.” he said.

Criticizing the sanctions imposed on Russia, Orban argued that if the sanctions were lifted, energy prices would fall by half, and thus inflation would decrease by half.

Stating that the sanctions did not harm Russia, on the contrary, European citizens were adversely affected, Orban claimed that Russia has earned 158 billion Euros from energy exports since the beginning of the war, due to rising energy prices.

Stating that oil, natural gas and electricity are much cheaper in the USA than in Europe and the sanctions imposed on Russia are not asked to the public in the EU, Orban added that Hungarians will be provided with an opportunity to express their opinions about the sanctions.