Huge hike in natural gas service fees

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has published its decision on the determination of the prices included in the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Connection and Service Fees for the Natural Gas Distribution Sector for 2023, by determining the upper limits of the said fees.


Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, stated that there would be no hike in electricity and natural gas prices at the beginning of the year, in a statement he made 4 days ago.

Speaking about natural gas prices, Dönmez “Friends are working right now, according to the initial evaluations, there is no increase in the New Year’s Eve. We will announce the calendar soon, I hope.” He used his words. Minister Dönmez said that they do not foresee an increase in electricity at the moment.


The upper limits, which will be effective as of January 01, 2023, have been increased at rates ranging from 83.33 percent to 84.74 percent compared to the previous year.

Accordingly, the ceiling prices excluding VAT and the increase rates were as follows:


Subscriber connection fee: 2,135 TL (84.36%)
Additional subscriber connection fee: 1.857 TL/100m2 (84.40%)
Connection control and approval fee: 1.457 TL (for the first 100m) (84.43%)
Connection control and approval fee: 9 TL (for each additional 1m) (83.67%)
Guarantee Fee Combi: 1,352 TL/piece (84.44%)
Security deposit stove: 1.199 TL/house (84.46%)
Security deposit centralized system: 1.199 TL/BBS (84.46%)
Guarantee fee January: 77 TL (83.33%)
Security deposit water heater: 153 TL (84.33%)
Prepaid meter replacement fee: 684 TL (84.36%)
Counter opening and closing cost: 66 TL (83.33%)
Service box dismantling cost: 581 TL (84.44)


G4, G6 type meters: 116 TL/piece (84.12)
G10, G16, G25 type meters: 218 TL/piece (84.74%)
G40, G65, G100 type meters: 433 TL/piece (84.25%)
G160, G250, G400 type meters: 660 TL/piece (84.35%)
Types of meters larger than G400: 889 TL/piece (84.43%)
Column line: 116 TL/project. (84.12%)
EMRA also announced the preliminary project service fee, which it did not price last year, as 39 TL per project for 2023.

Distribution companies will have to indefinitely publish the price upper limits determined in the EMRA’s decision on the home page of their websites, without any access limit and easily accessible.