How much is the satellite connection price on the iPhone 14?

Apple, new iPhone 14 introduced the series. Although the new models generally have expected innovations such as camera and performance improvements, some exciting features also contains. Perhaps the most striking of these features is for emergencies. satellite link system was.

Apple will provide satellite connectivity for emergencies

With the new system introduced by the technology giant, in an emergency It allows calling for help without the need for cellular data. Although the coverage area is developing day by day, the company stated that there is little or no signal, especially in some regions. satellite link He states that help can be called from almost anywhere in the world.

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Apple just announced that the new satellite link system for emergency use underlines that. So the iPhone 14 is not yet a to satellite phone not transformed. with new models make calls or send messages traditional cell connection is still needed for this.

from any operator to cellular data It should also be noted that this system, which is active when you do not have transportation, is quite slow. Apple is responsible for transmitting the emergency signal under ideal conditions. 15 seconds states that it is. However, if we add some clouds and a few trees between you and the satellite, the arrival time of this signal 1 minute will pass.

In order for this system to work, Apple in the open field states that it should be. Apple is also known for hills, mountains, canyons and tall buildings. establish a satellite connection It explains how to prevent it. However, it is really important to be able to reach the satellite connection when you are in a difficult situation in an open area.

Alright the price of this service what will happen? Apple’s satellite connection during the promotion it’s not completely free implied. However, the company states that users will not pay any fees within two years after receiving their iPhone 14. Yet for the next a clear explanation not made.

What will be the cost of the satellite connection?

It is a matter of curiosity what kind of pricing the company will make at the end of two years. For example Garmin, inReach for satellite-connected devices from companies such as $15 per month charges a subscription fee. After the last 2 years, Apple has a similar situation. subscription fee can request.

What Apple will implement in satellite service in the next two years price policy He has plenty of time to think. So you Apple iPhone offered in the models satellite link What do you think about it? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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