How much is the Netflix subscription fee? Here are the Netflix subscription packages

Netflix monthly fee and annual fee are wondered by consumers. Netflix, which has been offering paid online video streaming services to its members for years, has begun to lose power in the Turkish market. While Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, which entered the market after Blu TV, are serious alternatives for consumers, it is wondered what kind of move Netflix’s new hike decision will lead the members to.

While Netflix membership packages have been hiked for the third time this year, the membership fee has increased by up to 42 percent with the last hike. In the statement made by the company, it is stated that the new fees will apply for new members, while existing members will be informed 30 days before the membership fees change if they do not change their plans, and the members in this situation will be provided with a gradual transition.

After the hike, the basic package of Netflix monthly subscription packages was 45.99 Turkish liras, while the standard package was 69.99 Turkish liras and the special package was 93.99 Turkish liras.

If at the beginning of 2022 subscription The fees were 26.99 Turkish liras for the basic package, 40.99 Turkish liras for the standard package, and 54.99 Turkish liras for the special package.

How to cancel Netflix subscription?

Some Netflix users, on the other hand, began to seek answers to the question of “How to cancel Netflix membership” after these hikes. Those who want to cancel their Netflix membership should follow these options:

Netflix Profile Account Cancel Membership

Netflix subscription packages

Netflix membership packages are divided into three. The scope and prices of the “Basic”, “Standard” and “Special” packages offered to consumers by Netflix also vary.

Basic package

In the Netflix basic subscription package, consumers can use Netflix from only one screen at a time, while watching the content on their phones and tablets.

Standard Package

In the standard subscription package of Netflix, the number of screens that can be watched at the same time increases to two, while the number of tablets and phones increases to two. In the standard package, consumers can watch the content in HD.

special package

In the special package, the number of screens you can watch at the same time increases to four, while the number of tablets and phones from which you can download content increases to four. Users can watch content in ultra HD quality from their laptops, phones or tablets.