How many models does it mean by saying ‘model’?

Waking up in the morning and declaring an idea that comes to mind as a policy is not a model. Doing so doesn’t mean you own a model. To use the power opportunities in an uncontrolled and unfeasibility way; that is, with power “I did it” means that it does not indicate commitment to a system.

nowadays Treasury Minister Nureddin Nebati’s “Turkish Economy Model” The explanations he made on the model defined as The Minister’s words naturally become the subject of criticism. along with President ErdoganWe often hear about the same model. Both of them express with great confidence that we have an excellent model and that thanks to this, all the troublesome issues in the economy, especially inflation, will be resolved. The last President “Our relatively high inflation rate surprises some, but we have the ability to lower it.” said. Great news!

It is very likely that this comfort of the government stems from the optimism created by the packages such as housing and debt write-off, which it has launched one after the other due to the necessity imposed by the recent election environment. Reciprocal moves in the society, serious problems of the economy such as inflation, external deficit, high interest rates and exchange rate increase; that is, it makes it possible to ignore the root of the problem. Of course, this is not a model either. A few months ago “We are growing with exports, high exchange rates are not important to us” Having said that, reaching both the highest exchange rate and the largest foreign trade deficit in history shows this. What is called a model consists of the steps to save the day without being bound by a rule and without thinking about the future. Otherwise, backdoor foreign exchange sales would not exceed $200 billion, or the burden of the currency-protected deposit system would not have been ignored as it piled on the budget. And of course, the biggest bank interest gains in history would not have happened again after announcing the relentless fight against interest.

However, modellessness is not just an economic problem. Turkey does not have a model and roadmap in all areas from economy to foreign policy, from education to urbanization. For example, a country that allocates most of its resources to construction and continues on the road to construction with its social housing project, does not take precautions against the earthquake risk that is at the door. Or, there is no policy to increase the standard in either pre-university or university education against the gradually decreasing quality of education. There is no industrial and technology sector that Turkey has declared as a competitive field for the future and stands behind it. also in foreign policy “orthodox system” It has long since been abandoned and relations with any country – Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria – deteriorate one morning and all the allegations are easily forgotten another morning.

What is called a model, whose goals and steps are clear; It is a pre-announced system of what you do and why. When the targets are not met, it has to be known according to what they are not. It is necessary to be accountable and auditable at every stage. It must be tried, known and seen examples. For example, the fact that populist practices are on track when all the macro indicators of the economy are pouring out -which they always do–doesn’t indicate that the model is working or even a model. A model cannot be formed with wishes and wishes or by working from where it is easy. Populism is not an ingenious model; On the contrary, it is the worst enemy of every model and every system.

Today’s table; The severe economic crisis, the hopelessness of people, the demand of young people and the educated population to seek their future abroad, and the fact that Turkey is at the bottom of all statistics such as law, economy, human rights, freedom of expression and transparency is a result of lack of model. There is no model, and the Presidential system has swept away the traces of models that were already on the verge of disappearing.

The indispensable condition for Turkey to set out on any road and solve a problem is to learn to work with the model, system and rule.